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Garage door repair and sliding glass patio door repair and installation in Las Vegas, NV.

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1996 in Las Vegas, NV

Action Door Services was founded in 1996 as a father and son operation. Within two years, our Las Vegas garage door repair and sliding glass patio door repair / installation business became one of the most respected and trusted service companies in the Las Vegas Valley!

Integrity, fair prices, and quality workmanship is what we are known for and explains why our customers always return to us for their garage door needs. We offer a wide range of garage door products, using reputable brands and the highest quality materials.

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We service and install Unique Garage Doors among many others.

Just some of our services

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We repair and service

Sliding glass doors repaired by Action Door Services in Las Vegas
Garage doors repaired by Action Door Services in Las Vegas, NV

Different Garage Types and Issues

Exterior home makeovers are a great way to increase a home’s value. However, when taking this step, it’s important to remember the garage door which may be the most prominent feature of a home’s exterior. Unfortunately, this door may also be the most ignored feature of the home until it malfunctions. There are many options that our Las Vegas garage door service offers for a homeowner seeking a new door for his or her garage, and each option is designed to accommodate a certain lifestyle.

Different Ways Garage Doors Open

  • Swing out
  • Swing up
  • Roll up
  • Slide to the Side

The roll up garage door is by far the most popular variety, accounting for more annual sales than the other three combined. For practical and financial purposes, this sectional door is the most logical choice. However, this variety is also most likely to have mechanical issues. Because these doors have to roll up, they’re particularly prone to coming off the track. This is a simple issue, but it can render the entire door useless. Fortunately, the garage door repair professionals in Las Vegas at Action Door Services can repair the door without replacing any of the parts, unless the track is severely damaged. This is why the sectional roll up door is a more practical option than the others, because it’s less expensive to repair or replace.

Popular Garage Door Materials


Wooden garage doors bring a classic style to the home. They’re more durable than other options, resisting slight dings. Unfortunately, these doors are also susceptible to fading, and they’ll probably need painting very regularly. Wooden garage doors are also some of the more expensive garage door types available, but their price varies greatly depending on the type of wood used to construct them. The only real downside to wooden garage doors is the threat of warped wood. the weather and constant exposure to the sun can misshape the wood,causing it bend and bend the track. The door may also be excessively noisy once the wood warps, but these conditions aren’t exclusively associate with wooden doors.


Steel is an excellent option for those seeking a door which require less maintenance than wood. Steel is susceptible to dents and dings, but many of these can be hammered out. The main downside to a steel door is the susceptibility rust. Any scratches in the steel door’s paint can allow oxidation to set in. A steel, door is also very heavy and the additional weight can break the rollers. Just one broken roller doesn’t seriously hinder the door’s performance, but it will lead to more breaks. The door will open and close more slowly, until it eventually stops working altogether. Rollers can usually be prepared by professionals without replacing any other equipment.


This choice used to be thought of as the inexpensive garage door material. These days, high quality aluminum doors can reach the five figure range. These doors are dent resistant, the paint doesn’t fade and they won’t rust. They also put less strain on the opening mechanism because they’re relatively light weight. However, the steep $10,000 plus price tag keeps many people from purchasing aluminum garage doors. There are still relatively inexpensive, aluminum garage doors, but they’re harder to come by. While aluminum doors are the most durable, they’re still susceptible to issues such as broken springs. A broken spring will temporarily render the door useless, and replacing them can actually be dangerous. The springs are under a great deal of pressure and they can cause some serious injuries. Broken cables can also be dangerous, because they pose the threat of electrical shock. Springs and cables should only be repaired by professionals.

Broken Garage Doors Are Security and Injury Issues

A broken garage door may seem like a nuisance, but it poses a more dire threat than most people realize. The door protects the largest opening into the home, so a door that’s stuck open can be a serious threat to safety. A broken garage door is also a health threat, because it’s very unpredictable. Any company installing a roll up garage door should measure the distance between the overhead framing and the top of the garage door openings. Fourteen inches of clearance is the standard space for most garage doors. However, it’s important to follow manufacturer’s specifications. There are also low-clearance tracks available for an additional charge. There are even roll up garage doors which appear to be of the other three varieties. There are also contemporary and traditional garage doors and the latter of the two may better complement an older home.

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